Canadian drag queens     CREATED BY  Vicky Lane
An inside view of  Drag Queens thru  the eyes of a, over 40 yr. Veteran of the world of Drag. Vicky Lane's career,stage, screen,and
theater.As Vicky would say"
Life's a Drag ".See some of the performers that worked in this private world of Sequins and feathers. Come In
A History lesson in Drag 101 see some that paved the way for us " DRAG QUEENS".
My name is Vicky Lane I have been working over 40 yrs as a DRAG
QUEEN in Montreal and NY City on the east - coast.I have met many
artists .I also produced and directed a Cabaret show in Wildwood New
Jersey and Canada, You will see some of the Lucky Few that made it
a profession and Lifestyle
Vicky Lane                            
I originally came to Montreal Canada with a Revue from New York City called the" Fantasy Follies"Featuring Ty Bennett(82 club) and Gene Chandler(82 Club
and Jewelbox Revue) in 1972 .Al Simkin from PJ's Cabaret (Montreal)happened to be in the audience when we did a showcase in NYC. We were booked into
PJ's right after a  Boston booking.I fell in love with Montreal,and apparently Montreal fell in love with us
The good old Days
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My first published
magazine called My
first published Picture
was in a "Female
Impersonator" in 1968
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Vicky Lane at the Green Apple in Peabody
Mass. (Click on pic to enlarge)
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VICKY LANE wearing a full circle ruffled coat (650 yards of ruffles)  CLICK
Blazing Magnum (STRANGE SHADOWS in an Empty Room)(Special Magnum) 1976 Action Packed
movie with Vicky Lane & Jene Chandler &
Guilda                                                                                                                                              Click Here
to watch the trailer of
Blazing Magnum
Yvonne Mason Best selling Author with a
collaboration from Vicky Lane.Will give you an
exciting Murder Mystery
 These Books with Vicky Lane appearing
are available from Amazon
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Vicky Lane
Vicky Lane as MC in
Wildwood New Jersey