The Revue Fantasy Follies
This goes way back to 1970 I worked
back then in a club called the Lions
Club in Brooklyn Heights at the St.
George Hotel as a DJ. The Lions Club
was off the lobby and was very chic red
velvet the whole works.I had done
shows before but only for charity. Gene
Chandler and Ty Bennett were working
there as an act Ty did MC and sang
live, Gene stripped,and did Shirley
Bassey, and  My Way. I came in one
night in drag and never took it off after,
I was in the show permanently. We also
had other performers there too. The
Contessa was a stripper and did
Spanish songs.A few others from the
neighborhood also joined us at times.
Lipsync had just became popular and
all the clubs were doing it. So the owner
fired the band and I got a raise,cause I
did the show and the dance music. We
had all the performers from the 82 club
coming to party after there shows,Wow
what fun..After being there for over a
year it closed and we went to another
club in another section of Brooklyn. Ty  
Bennett also gave me my drag name
Vicky Lane supposedly that was good
luck. We worked there for about a year
then ty and Gene asked if we wanted to
go on the road,FANTASY FOLLIES
were now born and who knew I would
work   for the next 40 yrs plus. This
would be a turning point in my life which
was exciting and a story on its own.
Gene Chandler
I just recently visited Gene Chandler in Florida near FT. Lauderdale, he is now 72
yrs old.He is doing fine and still going strong.He was Grand Marshall for the gay
parade in Ft. Lauderdale It was a pleasure to see him again, we will keep in touch.I
hear there are some video's coming soon from Gene.
Mr. Bill Corday before becoming a female impersonator was teaching acting and
working as an actor,returned to the stage and besides directing and teaching
has done some of the biggest movies that have been filmed in the Montreal area
Hes is also 78 yrs old and still going strong.
Bill Corday
Ty Bennett left Montreal back in 1976 to New York City.The last time I spoke
with Ty was 1982
.I was on my way to Wildwood New Jersey to work with an original  member of
the Frisco Follies, Brian Marshall. That year Ty died from a Heart attack.
Ty Bennett
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