I had the pleasure of working with G.W. Ogie that first year in Wildwood New Jersey.
Brian Marshall was director - MC of The Fantasy Follies the longest running show in
Wildwood New Jersey.The first photo's you see is with Patrick Treetop the tallest
female impersonator at 6ft 7 inches tall.Willow Hendrix from Philly and G. W. Ogie of
course from Philly with Brian Marshall a member of the original "Frisco Follies" from
The west coast.We worked at The FUN SPOT.We did two shows a night, six nights a
week After a few yrs I became the producer and director of "THE FOLLIES"
Brian Marshall's Fantasy Follies
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G. W. OGIE                     Frankie Knight                  Vicky Lane                     Phil Twilight             Sexita Russell